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best shoes for nurses on feet all day

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For most people, working a 12-hour shift is an excessive amount of work. However, for nurses practically throughout the world, it is pretty much the norm. Under such intense workload and worktime, it is important that nurses choose good nursing shoes.

Nursing shoes are geared specifically towards providing support and comfort for nurses who remain on their feet for long hours. But rest assured, choosing the best nursing shoes is easier than you think if you follow our guide.

Features of Nursing Shoes

There are specific features distinct only to nursing shoes. They are engineered precisely for nurses and come with features and benefits you will not find in any other type of shoes. Here are a few features that the best nursing shoes must have:

  • Lightweight

Nursing shoes are extremely lightweight. By being lightweight, they are less stressful to the feet and more walking steps can be performed with less fatigue. A lightweight nursing shoe is also less taxing the arch, foot and leg muscles. This makes wearing them more comfortable for extended periods of time.

  • Easy to clean

Think about it. The hospital is an environment where blood and other fluids from patients can easily spill on you. This is especially true if you have to remain in this environment for half a day. Having a pair of cans that are easy to clean is a must. They are easy to clean with simply a piece of cloth and some water.

  • Durable

The more you use a shoe, it stands to reason that the more is the propensity for damage. Nursing shoes need to be durable and well-constructed to take on the challenges of the Nurse’s day.

  • Non-slip

The greatest disaster that can happen is a nurse falling over a patient because of a slip. Hospital floors are generally slippery grounds. Many studies have been performed by both governmental and private parties to this effect, and they all conclude that nurses are the most likely to suffer from slips and falls.

Therefore, it is important for nurses to have a shoe that has a firm foothold and anti-slip in the work area.

  • Non-skid

Fluids fall on nurses all the time. A good pair of knockers for nurses is a must! Nursing shoes are made from a special rubber material that is oblivious to stains and fluid; and can be easily cleaned.

  • Perfect fit

Shoes generally become uncomfortable to wear because of a bad fit. Nursing shoes embrace the foot and provide an excellent fit to the foot due to its generous and comfortable padding.

  • Arch-support

According to foot experts like Dr. Barbara Bergin, the number one reason why shoes turn into painful wears is a bad arch support. The arch of the foot is the precise region which pivots and guide the foot. A bad arch support will result in a painful and sore foot. Nursing shoes provide exceptional support to the arch, making sores and foot pain history.

Types of Nursing Shoes

There are several types of nursing shoes. Understanding each one of them makes you more informed, hence easier to pick up the most suitable model for your needs and job.

  • Slip On

Slip-on shoes are the ideal type of shoes for nurses, mostly because you do not have to tie the lace up. This not only saves precious time but also prevent you from tripping over your laces. They are quick to wear and also offer good wearing comfort.

The good thing about slip on shoes is that they have the exact same form factor as your regular running shoe. They are therefore ideal for long hours of walking.

  • Clogs

Clogs have recently become one of the most popular walking shoes on the planet. They have of closed folder and an open back allowing for quick wearing and a more breathable foot. One example of a clog shoes is the all so popular crocs.

As you can tell from the popularity, they are extremely comfortable and easy on the foot. Clogs are generally voted as one of the most comfortable shoes for nurses and perfect all-rounders.

  • Sneakers

Nurses who work in the ICU or emergency department need fast paced movements. This is literally a job requirement. Having good nursing shoes that can keep up with this pace is therefore important. They need to be comfortable and not come out the moment you start walking fast or running.

Table of Best Nursing Shoes

The table below is a careful selection of some of the most performing and comfortable shoes for nurses available on the market today. You cannot go wrong with any of the models mentioned. They are one of the best clogs for nurses that money can buy.

Review of the Best Nursing Shoes

In your quest to find the best and most comfortable shoes for nurses, you might encounter many models. In fact, it soon becomes difficult to choose the best nursing clogs mostly because there are so many models to choose from.

Sketchers 76576 Track Erath

Skechers for Work Women's 76576 Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Work Boot

                                                   Our rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

The Track Erath from sketches look like a full-blown sports running shoes, but it’s in fact a very comfortable and performing shoe for long distance walking. It provides comfortable padding, a streamlined shape and excellent arch support.


  • It is closed on both ends, front and back, and is ideal for nurses who do not need to remove their shoes every so often. With its promised relax fit, this shoe will embrace the foot and provide great comfort throughout the day.
  • The Track Erath is tough and high-durable thanks to its specially designed rubber material. This material offers great anti-skid and can easily be cleaned with a simple cloth and water.
  • The anti-slip sole is also an added bonus.
  • What we really like about this model is the tight and snug fit it offers regardless of foot shape or size. It also easily retrofits as a walking/running shoe when doing sports.


This model is not your average nursing shoes. It can also be worn as your regular walking and running sport shoes. Definitely one of the best shoes for nurses out there and very versatile.


A closed model. You cannot wear this shoe quickly. It also has laces that need to be tied and can become untied on a busy schedule.

Customer Impressions

Customers rate this product highly and are generally satisfied with the level of comfort it provides. Many also like the fact that it is not simply a barren looking shoe – but has a good sports look to it.

Alegria Debra Slip-On

Alegria Women's debra Slip-On

                                                            Our rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

The Alegria is one of the most popular and definitely one of the most comfortable shoes for nurses.


  • Great design – This model has very artsy looking patterns printed on it that might appeal to many
  • Despite being a closed shoe, it still has the features of a slip on. Can be worn in a matter of seconds
  • Synthetic anti-slip sole with a comfortable heel height, perfect for the hospital environment
  • Over a dozen colors and patterns to choose from
  • Elastic goring so that you can easily take it off or wear it
  • Good arch support thanks to its elevated platform heel


The design of the Alegria might appeal to many with an artsy side. Who said you can’t be hip in the hospital? The platform heel provides good arch support.


Not the most comfortable nursing shoe due to the lack of padding

Customer Impressions

Many customers of this product are very satisfied with the design motifs of this model. Indeed, the Alegria demarks itself from its competitors in terms of looks and is a well-regarded walking shoe.

Sketchers Loving Life

Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

                                                             Our rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

The Loving Life series by Sketches is a colorful and trendy looking pair of shoes that brings fashion and style to the workplace.


  • Rainbox colors for trendy and modern fashion looking
  • Made exclusively from synthetic. Easy to clean and lightweight
  • Rubber sole is made from anti-slip material and provides excellent arch and heel support
  • Slip-on design makes it easy to wear and remove. Bungee laces can be tightened or loosened
  • Memory foam padding keeps the feet snug and provides a comfortable fit
  • Flex groove outsole is thick and further supports the heel
  • 7 different colors to choose from


The colors of the Sketchers Loving Life pops out. It is a trendy looking that does not compromise comfort for looks.


Despite being labeled as a slip-on shoe; it might not be the easiest to wear in or out. This will largely depend on your foot shape.

Customer Impressions

Customers of this shoe rate this model highly. It might be due to the fact that this model has great looks and still performs exceptionally well as a nursing shoe.

Reebok Women's Work 'N Cushion 2.0

Reebok Women's Work 'N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

                                                         Our rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

An iconic walking shoe, the N’ Cushion by Reebok easily retrofits as very comfortable shoes for nurses.


  • High-quality synthetic and imported leather. Easy to clean
  • Oil resistant and Anti-slip rubber outsoles
  • Upper length provides support to the heel
  • Low cut design. Most trousers will fit well on it
  • DMX ride technology – comfortable fit and guides the foot


A very good pair of walking shoes from Reebok. The low cut design makes this model discreet on almost any garment you wear.


The laces can prove somewhat troublesome. Not the easiest to wear or remove.

Customer Impression

People from all walks of life have bought this model and are very satisfied with it. From restaurants to hospitals, many people who work for long hours on their feet are using this model with zero problems. Definitely one of the best models for nurses on their feet all day.

Sketchers Premix

Skechers Sport Women's Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker

                                                    Our rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

A distinct looking pair of cans that aspires to be the most comfortable shoes for nurses.


  • Distinct and modern looks
  • Rubber sole and outsole provides great comfort while walking. Anti-skid
  • Cushions. There are lots of cushioning in this nursing shoe. From the tongue to the foot bed
  • Extra support at the heels
  • Distinct and modern looks


Sketchers provided a lot of padding and cushioning in this sports shoe. It is ultra-comfortable to wear for long hours. This is one of the best nursing shoes for women.


The distinct design might not appeal to some.

Customer Impressions

Customers generally love this model from Sketchers and the general reception of this shoe is positive across the board.

Natural Uniforms Clogs

Natural Uniforms Womens Ultralite Clogs

                                                   Our rating: 4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

At least a shoe that looks like it’s made for nurses. The Natural uniforms is in and of itself a standard in nursing shoes.


  • No back for easy slip on
  • Wide range of color choice
  • Breathable feet due to no back
  • Made exclusively from synthetic leather
  • Bacterial resistant – a special EVA foam is used inside that keeps bacteria at bay
  • Light weight. Synthetic materials used in the construction of this shoe are very light and comfy
  • Foot bed and high arch support. The design and outsole contribute to supporting the heel and arch for a more comfortable wear
  • Non-slip and non-skid. The outsole is slip resistant and the sole can easily be cleaned


Bar none, one of the best nursing shoes on the market. Used by thousands of professional workers every day. The solid construction guarantees a working day in all comfort with no wear and tear of the shoe.


Might be too simple looking for some of you out there.

Customer Impressions

Working professionals and customers of this shoe highly recommend this model. It actually looks like a pair of nursing clogs and generally, working shoes. Some customers have complained about it being too flimsy. However, at the price it is offered, it is a great bang for buck despite a few giveaways here and there. This model is regarded as one of the best shoes for nurses.

Nike Flex Experience RN3

Nike Women's Flex Experience RN 3

                                                    Our rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

A good pair of shoes that looks good and performs wonderfully well.


  • Lightweight. You will almost forget you are wearing shoes
  • Synthetic material that is anti-skid
  • Low cut makes it easy to wear on anything
  • Distinct sports look
  • Padded soles and thick outsole. Provides great arch support


A lightweight and sports looking shoe is a perfect fit for nurses.


The lack of color choice is a big turnoff.

Customer Impressions

While customers love this model, mostly due to its great comfort and lightweight, many have complained about getting fakes. Observe due diligence before buying this model and ask sellers about its authenticity.

Nurse Mates Oxfords

Nurse Mates Women's Lexi Slip-Resistant Work Oxfords

                                                             Our rating: 4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

True to its name, the nurse mate is made exclusively for nurses. Well-regarded as one of the best and most comfortable nursing clogs on the market today.


  • Made from lightweight and comfortable materials
  • Full grain leather construction. Durable and easy to clean
  • Streamlined form factor that is easier on the foot while walking
  • 1.5” elevated heel for extra comfort to the heel and general food guidance forward
  • Removable insole has a pillow top for added comfort
  • Two color option – black and white


You can easily swap your own orthopedic or medical insole with this model as it makes provisions for custom ones. The Nurse Mates is definitely one of the best sneakers for nurses.



Customer Impressions

Nurses swear by this model. Customers who bought it note that it is lightweight, well-constructed and very durable. It can easily take on the challenges of the busy nurse’s schedule and still has change to spare. Highly recommended and one of the best nursing shoes around.

Tips to Buy Nursing Shoes

Here are some practical tips when buying nursing shoes online or offline.

  • Leather. Pay attention to the construction material. Leather is generally preferred as it is easy to clean and durable.
  • Posture and Heel support – Good nursing shoes help support your heel and give you good standing posture by providing additional padding at the heels.
  • Dress code – Not all establishments allow those kinds of shoes. You need to check with your supervisor is a specific type of shoe is allowed
  • Foot size – Choose a model that advertises as “fit-all”. Not all feet are equal and a fit-all model will accommodate most foot types. It also takes into account the extra layer of your socks
  • Give comfort priority – regardless of aesthetics, always go for comfort over looks
  • Brands – Go with a branded model over a nameless one. Branded models stand tall behind the company’s reputation and you are guaranteed to get a model that is a superior footwear

Additional Tips & Warnings when Buying Nursing Shoes

  • It is important to ensure that you have the best model suited for your feet. You can ask your seniors for advice on the best nursing shoes, or you can try out a few models on your own before making up your mind. What works for others might not work for you.
  • Suffer from painful feet? Good nursing shoes can only do so much. If you have foot pain despite wearing nursing/walking shoes, then consider seeking professional help for your condition. Nursing shoes cannot cure foot pain. It simply helps alleviate or prevent them.

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