Top Walking Shoes Brands for Women

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When shopping online for women’s walking shoes, one of the first impressions you will get is the incredible variety of products available. Without a good understanding of what each of the competed brands has to offer, it is easy to get stumped and even indecisive about what to buy. To get only the best selling products when you shop online, I have selected three of the most outstanding women’s walking shoe brands and delved deep into what makes them unique and worth buying.

Top 3 Brands of Women Walking Shoes

It is not easy to zero in on three brands which offer exceptional quality and value for money when it comes to brands of women’s walking shoes. But when all is said and done, there are three brands which easily stand out from the competition: Brooks, New Balance and Sketchers. We take a look at what each one of them has to offer in turn:


Brooks Sports is a brand which requires little introduction to the avid athlete with the company well established in the area of sports shoes and for well over a century today. Brooks women shoes bear the distinct quality workmanship and are suited for the rugged American sense of adventure in the great outdoors. You can count on Brooks shoes to go the whole way whatever the challenge and do this without risk of injury or undue fatigue on your feet.

If there is one factor which makes Brooks walking shoes for women stand out, it is performance. The company runs one of the most effective quality control regimes in the industry, guaranteeing that every shoe they ship meets the highest standards of performance and quality workmanship. This makes the shoes stand out whether you need one to do a stretch of endurance running or just the occasional walk in the park.

Top Brooks Walking Shoes for Women
  • Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes (read our review)
  • Brooks Women’s Ghost 7 Shoes
  • Brooks Women’s Ravenna 6 Shoes

New Balance

New Balance is a well established sports and casual wear company with an enviable pedigree of manufacturing quality women’s shoes. All New Balance footwear products are manufactured on continental United States, specifically in five production facilities in New England. This is a distinctive feature as there is no other sports manufacturer with an entire production enterprise based in the US.

New Balance has managed to remain ahead of the game by investing a huge amount of money in research and development. Their shoes are designed to offer comfort and durable performance with a series of innovational features including very breathable uppers, extra cushioning on the inside and well treaded soles.

Top New Balance Walking Shoes for Women
  • New Balance Women’s WW411 Health Walking Shoes
  • New Balance Women’s WW1765 Fitness Walking Shoes
  • New Balance Women’s 711 Mesh Cross-Training Shoes
  • New Balance Women’s WW665 Walking Shoe

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Skechers is a relatively new shoe company brand but has managed to rise to the very top level with exceptionally well designed shoes and accessories. The stylish shoes are often promoted by top celebrities in a mark of the manufacturer’s confidence in their workmanship, quality and drive for excellence.

The top reasons why women wear Sketcher’s shoes has to do with the exceptionally good design as well as excellence of features. The shoes are available in such a wide variety that customers are always spoilt for choice. Sketchers women’s walking shoes are also exceptionally lightweight due to the use of special materials in construction.

Top Sketchers Walking Shoes for Women
  • Skechers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On
  • Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker
  • Skechers Women’s Go Walk Impress Memory Form Fit Walking Shoe
  • Skechers Women’s Go Walk 2 Super Breathe Walking Shoe

Step out in style when you go out for a walk or a casual outdoor event with the most functional women’s walking shoes in the market. Whether your priority is durable construction, excellent comfort or dashing good looks, you will find your optimal choice from the three brands we have featured in this guide: New Balance, Brooks and Sketchers.

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