The Top 3 Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is by walking on a regular basis. Using the right tools and equipment will be instrumental to the achievement of the desired results. In this case, the primary tool for walking is a pair of walking shoes.

Finding a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes is therefore essential and the first step before embarking on a regular walking routine. The shoes must give you great support without compromising on comfort. It is especially necessary to be in comfortable shoes if you are going to be in those shoes all day.

There are many enviable brand names that manufacture some of the world’s best walking shoes. They use innovative ways and advanced technology to give consumers top-of-the-range walking shoes. Some of these shoes have ingenious designs and make up to ensure comfort and safety of the wearer. Below are three brands of walking shoes that are arguably the most comfortable walking shoes for women.

Keen women’s Marshall Walking Shoe

Keen women’s Marshall Walking Shoe

                                              Our rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

The Keen women’s walking shoes from Keen are manufactured entirely in the US from synthetic material. The shoes are ideal for walking due to their lightweight build and rubber sole.

The sole is comfortable for walking. In addition, the shoes feature patented toe protection mechanism. This mechanism is only found in this types of shoes as it is patent protected.

An open 3D mesh provides for sufficient inlet and outlet of air. This makes the shoe breathable and adds to its durability and comfort.

This lightweight walking shoe comes in a variety of colors for clients to choose from. Weighing in at only 2 pounds, these masterpiece shoes are some of the most lightweight in the market today.

Spirit women’s Romy walking shoe

Easy Spirit Women's Romy Walking Shoe

                                                       Our rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

The Romy walking shoe from Easy Spirit is a perfect choice for anyone looking for shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

The shoe is made from pure leather and rubber, which is the key material used in the making of the sole. The heel of the shoe measures a meagre 0.5 inches.

To add on to its list of appealing features, the shoe has a thickly padded lining, which offers comfort without compromising on support.

Made from rubber, the sole offers the best in traction. This makes walking on any surface comfortable and easy.

The upper part of the shoe is made of leather, which hugs the wearer’s feet for added comfort.

The leather also allows for sufficient breathing room for one’s feet.

The classic lace up design of the shoe adds to its list of benefits by offering a comfy and pepersonalize dit.

For absorbing shock, the Romy features a padded sock liner that is removable. In addition to acting as a shock absorber, the sock liner also provides perfect cushioning.

The Romy is perfect for light walking, exercising in the gym and other such activities. Moreover, since it is a stylish shoe, it can be paired with casual wear for less rigorous activities such as grocery shopping.

New Balance Women’s WW577 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's WW577 Walking Shoe

                                             Our rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

The New balance women’s WW577 walking shoe is an exquisite walking shoe that does not compromise on comfort.

Like most other walking shoes assembled or manufactured in the US, the WW577 is made from leather. The leather allows for breathing of a wearer’s feet, while maximising on durability. It is common knowledge that leather is one of the toughest and most durable materials used in the shoe making industry.

For a snug fit, the shoe features hook-and-loop adjustable straps.

For comfort, the shoe’s insole and heel are both padded for cushioning.

A high performance outsole provides the required traction.

The WW577 is a durable shoe that is ideal for moderate walkers. Its features and design make it one of the stylish yet comfortable walking shoes available in the market. The shoe is available in both black and white.

According to its manufacturers, New Balance, the shoe is assembled in the US though 70% of its raw materials are sourced outside the country.

Tips for Choosing Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women

Choosing a comfortable shoe for walking is like an art that many women are yet to master. When choosing a shoe for walking, it is important to evaluate the flexibility of the heel.

A lightweight shoe is also advisable. Walking is an exercise that should be fun, safe and healthy; this cannot be possible with heavy shoes. Thus the weight of the shoe is essential to its overall functionality.

Another important tip that is worth noting is that a shoe should be large enough to give the wearer’s feet breathing room. There should be space between the toes and the end of the end of the shoe. This is to give the toes a wide enough surface area for free movement. Trying new shoes after a walk or after a long busy day is one of the best ways of testing the comfort of a shoe. This is because feet tend to swell after a long walk.

To promote the durability of walking shoes, it is advisable to use walking shoes for walking only. Additionally, it is advisable to have two pairs of walking shoes so that you can wear them alternating.

Do the Three Reviewed Walking Shoes Make the Cut?

The above described brands of walking shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes for women and from their features, it is possible to deduce, the characteristics of a good walking shoe. This is something that walking shoes’ manufacturers understand very well.

The first characteristic of a good walking shoe is that it should have a firm heel. This is to help in strengthening the heel cup, keeping the wearer’s foot in place to help in controlling the walking. This is a characteristic that can be seen from all the above mentioned shoes.

A removable inner sole is another characteristic that makes a good walking shoe. This is a feature that is similar to the removable sock liner of the Romy walking shoe.

Removal of the inner sole allows for creation of extra room to accommodate a wearer’s feet size. One of the key features that is predominant in most comfortable shoes for women are the adjustable ties or laces.

The laces allow the wearer to personalize the fit of the shoes. This is done by either making the shoe tighter or looser.

The Marshall walking shoes, the Romy and the WW577 feature all the above stated characteristics, meaning that they are made deliberately to ensure the wearer is comfortable while walking.

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