Top 3 Bestselling New Balance Women’s Shoes

New balance women shoe

New Balance is a brand that is synonymous with quality of workmanship, excellent comfort and safety features as well as the most competitive pricing when it comes to casual and sports shoes.

New Balance has been revamping their line of women’s walking and training shoes over the last couple of years, offering the conscientious buyer even better options, style and excellent value for money to boot. To give you a glimpse of what the brand has on offer in terms of women’s sports shoes, we have reviewed the three best selling offers and given you a comparative guide to help you buy the one best suited to your budget and needs.

New Balance Women’s WW847 Health Walking Shoe

The New Balance WW87 shoe is all about elegance of style and unfettered comfort who have to spend plenty of time on their feet throughout the day. It therefore includes a host of features including motion control technology as well as New Balance’s innovative ROLLBAR stabilization to ensure every step you take is firm and sure. It is a shoe which will become you indoors as well as outdoors with the expansive mesh fabric working to keep your feet cool all day.

New Balance Women's WW847 Health Walking Shoe

         Our rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

The upper shoe is made of a combination of mesh fabric and synthetic leather to ensure lightweight and breathable as well as durable design. To the inside you get to enjoy the comfortable and seamless Phantom LinerTM to keep your feet dry all day irrespective of weather or terrain. The shoe’s sole is no less stunning in design as it features the magnificently treaded Ndurance rubber outsole to give you a sure footing even in the most treacherous conditions out on the trail.

But why should you buy this shoe?

As we have seen, the WW847 women’s walking shoe by New Balance combines select materials and innovative technology to make walking or jogging safe and rewarding. Moreover, if you are a conscientious consumer, you will love the idea that this shoe is part of Lace Up for the Cure Collection (adorned with a pink ribbon) with each sale helping to fund Susan G. Komen’s initiative to fund cancer research and treatment.

Of the three shoes featured here, the New Balance Women’s WW847 Health Walking Shoe holds a distinctive advantage over the other two in terms of quality of materials, lightweight design and overall performance.

New Balance Women’s WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe

When you lace up your feet with the WW665 walking shoe from New Balance, you make a statement that you love fitness, style and an appreciation for chic merchandise. While the shoe will feel great on the gym or a jog in the park, it is versatile enough to be fitting on any casual occasion.

Some of the notable design features of this shoe include the synthetic leather upper shoe and dual density foam collar for cushioning and support. The shoe is also fitted with a rubber sole with non-marking outsole elements as well as ABZORB cushioning midsole. To the interior you will experience luxurious comfort and fit courtesy of the seamless Phantom Liner and EVA foam footbed.

New Balance Women's WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe

         Our rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Unlike the other two shoes in this review, the New Balance Women’s WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe does not have mesh fabric elements on the upper shoe. While this does nwot mean it is any less versatile, it is not the ideal choice for someone who is going to be on an intensive, all-day long training program. For less intense use though, it has what it takes to last you all day and guarantee your feet will be just as revitalized in the evening as they were when you set off in the morning.

New Balance Women’s WW665 Walking Shoe

Be chic and rock your feet all day long with these walking shoes from New Balance. It is a shoe that will feel great even for someone used to long walks and hours of outdoor fun. But the most remarkable aspect of this shoe is its lightweight design. You will be able to remain fleet-footed all day long without running the risk of nursing blisters or clogged veins at the end of the day.

New Balance Women's WW665 Walking Shoe

            Our rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

The upper shoe is almost entirely made of a breathable yet tough mesh fabric. There are however adequate synthetic leather overlays which serve to strengthen the shoe as well as adding to its overall stylish flair. ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot provides exceptional shock absorption so that even if you will be involved in a fair amount of running or jogging throughout your day, there is no need to fear blisters or injury.

Whether you are talking in terms of design, safety, comfort or versatility the New Balance Women’s WW665 Walking Shoe pretty much ticks every box in this criterion. In comparison with the other New Balance Women’s shoes in this review, it fits in between the WW847 walking shoe and the WX608V3 training shoe in terms of versatility and overall comfort.

Why Women Love New Balance Shoes

Having read through our objective review and guide, it should be easy to see why women can barely resist getting yet another pair of New Balance walking and training shoes. To begin with, these shoes are available for such low pricing when you buy online that it will take some believing. But the low pricing not withstanding, each of these shoes are replete with excellent quality features including remarkable cushioning, durable but lightweight construction as well as breathable design for day-long comfort. However, you do not have to take my word for it, order your New Balance women’s shoe today and take your first big step to a life of fun, healthy living and a stylish makeover.

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