Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women

waterproof walking shoes

Hello, Sally here!

Let me ask…

Are you the kind of person who belongs in the great outdoors?

If yes, then you will no doubt appreciate a good pair of waterproof walking shoes on your feet.

Make sure you read this information before you buy a pair of waterproof walking shoes! (I will be recommending my top 3 choices for you as well)

These shoes are designed to take you through urban puddles and streamed backwoods with ease and come in a variety of styles to choose from.

A water proof walking shoe is far more durable than regular walking shoe and is designed to protect your feet and ankles from infection and injury.

Do remember that if a shoe has waterproof written over its label then it DOES NOT necessarily mean that your feet won’t get wet, come what may; rather they are designed to be comfortable in wet conditions.

Waterproof walking shoes are made from more robust materials so that they do not break down with repeated usage like regular walking shoes would when exposed to similar conditions.

When you are out shopping for waterproof walking shoes, it is advisable that you know that they come as both full waterproof shoes as well as regular shoes with waterproof uppers, which is the part of the shoe that is above the sole.

There are many different waterproof walking shoes out there and in this article we will discuss three of the most popular products out there.

What Is A Walking Shoe?

Just as trail shoes are different from regular shoes, walking shoes are a very different breed from regular shoes and even running shoes. They are light in weight and have adequate padding to get you through your walk without causing strain or any kind of trauma.

Often times people like to go in for running shoes thinking they are shooting two problems with one solution, however running shoes are very different from walking shoes and will probably not help – they are heavier, and have slightly elevated and more padded heels to compensate for the sheer weight runners throw on the ground (about 3 times their body weight).

What Makes A Walking Shoe Waterproof?

Waterproof walking shoes are regular walking shoes which are made with or are simply sheathed with waterproof materials such as rubber, polyurethane or new waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex (more on this later).

While using such materials makes waterproof walking shoes slightly heavier, it allows you to get past puddles and downpours with ease.

Now no doubt regular waterproof materials such as rubber and polyurethane are great for resisting moisture, however they also have a tendency to keep the moisture your feet create (AKA sweat) from escaping.

This can become very uncomfortable, especially if you are out hiking or need to walk for hours at a stretch.

Gore- Tex is a waterproof fabric which is also breathable allowing your shoes to resist the moisture outside, but also release the moisture your feet are creating thereby keeping them dry.

The material is also lighter in weight than its two counterparts and is readily being adopted as the waterproof standard in the shoe industry.

It is recommended you look for a Gore-Tex label when you are out shopping for waterproof walking shoes, or even hiking boots.

My Top 3 Women’s Waterproof Walking Shoe Recommendations

There are quite a few gorgeously designed and functional waterproof walking shoes out there you can purchase. Here are 3 recommendations that you can count on when you need to fend off the elements.

New Balance WO989:

waterproof-walking-shoesTrendy, light weight and comfortable, the WO989 is the latest and best offerings from New Balance which is already receiving raving reviews in the market.

The shoe is designed for women and weighs a mere 10.3 oz and is padded with EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Foam for cushioning.

It has been well thought out to and is can deal with virtually any condition out there.

The WO989 utilizes a more responsive overlay design and its Gore-Tex membrane allows your feet to remain dry under all but the most drastic conditions (read walking through knee high waters).

The Shoe is also extremely stable and offers better lugging than previous generations of walking shoes; in fact the shoe’s traction will allow you to walk through almost any surface with ease while its Abzorb cushioning will make the ride a comfortable one.

This shoe is being offered as a walking/hiking shoe and is all you need when heading out to the great outdoors.

New Balance WW959:

Women’s Waterproof Walking ShoesThe WW959 is a women’s multi-sport shoe which promises to make your time outside both comfortable and stylish.

The shoe which weighs a mere 10.5 oz comes with a Nubuck mesh which is waterproof as well as breathable while the shoe’s Abzorb cushioning technology makes hiking or walking through even the most taxing terrains seem like a walk in the park.

New Balance has also integrated their Stability Web technology into the shoe which delivers mid-foot arc support while keeping it light weight.

Mephisto Niro Allrounder:

waterproof walking shoes

The Allrounder by Mephisto Niro is by far the cutest waterproof shoe design you will find in the market today!

Weighing at a mere 10 oz the shoe has new and improved ACTIVE SUSPENSION shock absorber technology which is great for protecting your feet and legs from strain and injury no matter how long you walk or which terrain you wish to traverse.

Its wind and waterproof breathable lining helps keep your feet dry in watery conditions while its rubber sole provides excellent traction and grip.

It’s hard to come by a review which is less than 4/5 stars so suffice to say, the shoe has been received very well by the market, and with the choice of colors it offers, the Mephisto is the waterproof walking shoe for women , it will be hard for you to say no to it.


Now you have a few less excuses to remain indoors! The women’s waterproof walking shoes mentioned above offer a lot of comfort while remaining light on the pocket as well, so pick a pair up and give it a shot, suffice to say you won’t be disappointed.

For those nice dry days, be sure to check out the review on my top 3 walking shoes for women of all time